Sunday, November 1, 2009

made it through the Thanksgiving

SHEW.....made it through the halloween party yesterday-3guests didn't come cause the mom wasn't feeling good and one of her kids woke up running a there was TONS of candy and food leftover-I cut up the cake that wasn't even touched yesterday and stuck it in the freezer along with the leftover cupcakes-so next time I have a sweet attack I can just go pull a bite out of the freezer! Had fun but I am really glad it's over.LOL Now I can focus on thanksgiving.I have a huge extended family and it's so hard to be at everyone's house in one day so a few years ago we decided NOT to do that anymore.We wanted to do our own dinner and start traditions/memories with "our little family" (myself,husband,and zach).It's much more relaxed than getting up rushing to cook something at be at "so and so's" house by dinner time.It's just not fun that way.So I told hubby we are going to have to get out and see MAMAW soon.Mamaw is a very special woman.She is my sister's mother in law.After my mother died and I moved in with my sister,her inlaws took me in as part of the family and considered me one of the kids (cousins/grandkids).I'm closer to some of the Raines family than I am with my blood relatives.

One of the first memories I have of her and a special "cousin" is that one day, we were in the grocery store shopping and Amanda (she was about 2yrs younger than I was) was asking me why I called mamaw "miss nell" instead of mamaw.She said that I could call her mamaw too and that I was part of the family now.Don't remember how I reacted then,but now that memory brings tears to my eyes.It just warms my heart.We lost Amanda about 8 yrs ago-very suddenly and it's still an ache in my heart.We lost her mother about 2 yrs later-very sad.

We will probably take some fried chicken and a few veggie sides and some sort of dessert out to mamaw's house wednesday afternoon and then relax at home doing our own Thanksgiving dinner.I love that day.