Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday's menu

Tonight's dinner is going to be chicken strips.I picked up a couple of packs of chicken tenders recently and finally found panko breadcrumbs (after months of searching) LOL.Not really sure about sides yet-might go with home fries.I have a half bag of potatoes that I need to use soon.I'm going to be really smart and start tomorrow's dinner this afternoon.I'm going to throw some bottom round steaks into the crock pot with some jarred salsa and let that cook overnight.That way I won't really have to cook tomorrow except for whatever I want for myself and put a few sides together to go with the round steaks.

Well I decided to use up the rest of the bag of potatoes before they went bad.I made hubby a serving of mashed potatoes (he could eat them EVERY DAY--LITERALLY!) and some home fries for the rest of us.I also made a cheesey pasta broccoli casserole.I used a recipe from Taste of Home but used a different pasta.I will add the full recipe for that later this evening.