Saturday, September 26, 2009


Place a mozzarella cheese stick onto a wonton wrapper.

Roll up kinda like you are making eggrolls-be sure to dab a little water onto the edges that you fold in and on the last little flap so it will stay closed.


Fry in your oil of choice-I used a little olive oil.

YUM-enjoy while hot and gooey!

The husband wanted spaghetti tonight so I had to figure out what to make for myself.I had found a recipe in Kraft Food and Family (love that magazine) for a homemade version of those box "quick fix-one skillet" meals some of us grew up on.As a kid I loved that cheeseburger mac dinner.The KFF recipe used velveeta cheese (I know-should have been a warning LOL),turkey,elbow macaroni and salt/pepper to taste-I added a little garlic and onion.It was good but I think I can do better using a bechemel sauce.I will try that in the near future.

Didn't get any of the bread done-I really want to get in there and bake,but I've just been so tired the past few days-my sugar has been up,too.But that goes hand in hand with being tired doesn't it? Maybe Sunday.Grandpa's supposed to go out of town for a few weeks so maybe I will have the kitchen area to myself tomorrow.