Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday BREAKFAST -Lunch-Dinner

Semi-homemade cinnamon rolls

I took two packages of PILLSBURY CRESCENT ROUNDS (not crescent rolls) and unrolled them and put brown sugar inside and rolled them back up.I sprinkled a little ground cinnamon on top and baked until they were brown.(didn't look at the clock-and don't remember the oven temp-I'm bad about that LOL)Once done,I let them cool while I made a glaze using 3-4 heaping TBS of powdered sugar and a little milk-next time I might add a little butter or use more powdered sugar because the glaze was thinner than I wanted.But they were absolutely delicious!I want to try at making them totally from scratch using my bread maker to make the dough, but in a pinch these are GOOD and you can customize them as you like adding raisins,cranberries,or other favorites.I might try using splenda next time to make them a little healthier for us diabetics!
Lunch today was a borning turkey pastrami sandwich on butter bread with a little mustard.LOL
What's for dinner? Honestly,I have no clue.I don't have any leftovers I can morph into something else today,so I'll have to think a little.OUCH-might be painful! Whatever it is,I definately need something quick and easy...When I figure it out,I'll update.
Friday is the hubby's birthday.He asked for banana bread as his "birthday cake".Haven't decided if I'll make it tonight or tomorrow.Depends on how the afternoon goes.Zachary got his flu shot and another shot he was due for,and he is already MAJOR LEAGUE GROUCHY! LOL
Dinner turned out to be KFC at husband's request.I should have listed to my inner voice and just made something at home because it didn't sit well with me.I was up sick late into the night-just plain miserable.I'll learn! I know better-I just LOVE fried chicken-but it doesn't love me back!