Sunday, September 20, 2009

should have had sandwiches LOL

Well last night I made hubby's fave taco-tamale pie for him for supper and I was trying out a new recipe turkey spaghetti casserole(which turned out good by the way).I had bought extra onions and celery to have on hand and I decided to chop it all and get it into the freezer last night.I was down to my last 2 ribs of celery when it happened--CHOP--almost had to get stitches in my right thumb.I had my "good" knives out and they are SHARP! So there went my appetite for the rest of the night-I had a turkey sandwich.I was planning on just having the guys make sandwiches anyway but hubby asked nicely LOL.I'll be alright in a few days but dang it-that HURT! Sunday morning,hubby decided to "baby" me and went out and got mcd's for breakfast so I wouldn't have to cook.Personally I like homemade breakfast better but he was trying to be nice.I didn't yell at him for ruining my weekend no eating out challenge LOL. Sunday,I decided to try my hand at making apple handpies using wonton wrappers instead of making homemade dough.I peeled the apples and took out the seeds and put them into the processor with the last few TBS of cinnamon sugar.Then,I cooked them in a pan with a few pats of butter.The filling was DELISH! The wonton wrappers worked well and I'd definately do it again, but they didn't come out crispy.Guess I didn't bake them at a high enough temp.It was good for a first try.Next time, I won't add as much butter and might see how they are fried in olive oil.