Monday, September 21, 2009

Visit to the Vet Friday

I took Tinkie to the vet last friday to ask some questions about the upcoming spay surgery next month and to ask about the hair loss or thinning of hair I've noticed recently.He answered all my questions about the surgery and clipped her nails.He said that the hair problem could be a few things--either it's hormonal because she's going through puppy-puberty--or it could be some type of mange that's caused by a mite that lives in the hair shaft (EWWWW).Since she hasn't really been around any other dogs since coming to live with us,if it is the mite problem she was exposed as a puppy and it's just now showing up.He said she didn't have all the symptoms of the mite problem because her skin isn't broken out and red.It's just that you can tell the hair is thinning (or coming out) in some spots (around ears,possibly around eyes,on legs).Another possibility might be the puppy shampoo we had been using.We had been using a generic puppy shampoo by hartz.He told us now to use something called Aloe and Oatmeal ($14.00/bottle).So unless she shows more symptoms between now and the surgery,he will do a test when she is under anesthesia.He said he has to scrape the skin pretty deep to do a skin test.I don't want her hurt unnecessarily,so we will wait.I'm trying to go longer in between bathing her too.I usually give her a bath about once a week-now I'm going to try to stretch it to every 2 weeks.In the meantime he said to add fish oil to her doggie food.She eats "science diet small bites" for puppies-and each morning I've poked a hole in one of my fish oil capsules and drizzled it onto the food.I've had to be sneaky becase the first day,she certainly wasn't having anything to do with that LOL.BLAH! I'm still nervous about my baby having surgery,but don't want to deal with the other if we didn't have it done.I am going to be soooo LOST that day she has it done LOL and will worry sooo much about my little Tinkie.I am going to try to schedule it on a payday friday so that I can be busy running errands and not just be stuck at home waiting for them to call me to come get her. LOL (I know-I'm a wuss! LOL)