Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

This morning it was a nice cool 51*F. I love this time of year. It's like something inside be comes alive in autumn. I want to be outside more.We hibernate for most of the Mississippi summer.The heat and humidity just doesn't agree with us.Give me a nice,crisp fall morning anyday! Now if I could only get my husband to make me a nice little spot in the backyard where I can sit quietly and enjoy a nice warm cup of hot chocolate or chai tea or apple cider. Grandpa keeps the backporch all cluttered with his projects and junk. I'd like to toss all that and screen the porch in and put a little table and chairs there instead.Maybe one day. I want to get the house all decorated for Halloween,but the hubby doesn't want me to deal too much with trick or treaters this year.The neighborhood's had a few break-ins and whatnot this year and I can see his point,but that just makes me sad.I'm afraid I'll just have to set up a little bowl on the front porch with a "please take 1 treat" sign.I'm usually the only house on the block to decorate.And probably the talk of the neighborhood because I DO! Alot of people overlook halloween because of the religious beliefs down here.They forget the true story behind halloween and try to twist it into something bad.I hope to invite a few kids over for a halloween party,I've already been looking at fun treats and thinking about a menu.I can't wait! When I make up my mind I'll share it.

As far as the regular menu today,I haven't even thought about it.Ask me later!