Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well,the pup woke me up a few minutes early this morning,so after I got all the critters fed and breakfast started (sausage and french toast),I made hubby's birthday banana bread (a few days late).It turned out WONDERFUL this time--I didn't forget to add the eggs or vanilla like last time.Forgot to take pics again,so the next time I cut myself a slice I'll take a pretty shot of it.

It never fails that when I get in the kitchen busy with whatever is on the menu at that moment,both the kid and the puppy go freakin' crazy-I KID YOU NOT! They either fight with each other like maniacs or try to tear the house down! Sometimes I'll bring Zachary into the kitchen to help and that will settle him down for a bit,but sometimes I'm not making something kid friendly that he can help with and he gets bored easy and likes to drive me batty.Like the last time I tried banana bread and he was chattering away with me and "made" me forget to eggs and vanilla-at least that's my side of the story.Tinkerbelle is another story.She is so attached to me.It's like she has this "mommy's not here" radar and goes crazy till I come back.Sometimes she just sleeps.But sometimes she will lay down at the hallway door with her nose stuck under it waiting for me to come back to that side of the house.Sometimes she's quiet,but most of the time she's whining and barking till I'm done in the kitchen.I don't like her in the kitchen while I'm cooking-no use in starting bad habits.

Supper tonight will be spicy roast with mashed potatoes and another side for the guys.I have a chicken breast in the fridge that I'm going to shred and have over quinoa I think.Not sure about veggies yet.Depends on what I'm in the mood for later this evening.