Monday, November 16, 2009

bottom of the pantry supper LOL

This turned out better than I had expected! I will definately have to try with shrimp and lobster-YUM!

Still haven't made it to the grocery store.The checks for hubby's dad's household account were late getting in and this kidney infection I've had since last week kept me from going grocery shopping-at least going to re-stock things.Tonight's supper was a grits casserole and cheese quesadillas.

I though I had a bag of quick cook grits in the pantry but didn't LOL so I had to improvise and use pre-made packets.It turned out really good to be a "scratching the bottom of the pantry dish".

Grits Casserole

4-5 packets of instant grits

handful of shredded cheddar

1cup+ of warm milk

pat or two of butter

handful of shredded italian cheeses

1-2 cups of "hashed" chicken sausage


Empty grits packets into medium sized bowl--add the butter-heat the milk until warm and pour into the grits-you want them kinda loose but not soupy--Whisk one egg until it is foamy-stir into the grits mixture--in processor chop the chicken sausage until they are the size "bites" you prefer--cook in skillet with a splash of olive oil--once they are heated through,pour as much of the chicken sausage into the grits as you desire---add the cheddar cheese and stir well---pour into a casserole dish and top with the italian cheeses and bake in oven till the cheese is nice and bubbly and melty.

**I also added in a couple of pork sausage patties I had left over from breakfast**

Cheesy quesadillas

few handfuls of shredded cheddar

smaller tortilla shells

few pats of butter

In skillet melt butter--place cheddar cheese onto one side of the tortilla,fold in half and cook in skillet until the tortilla is browned and cheese is melted-flipping to brown both sides---cut into wedges and enjoy