Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Samhaim--Happy Halloween

Well at about 2pm tomorrow I am going to have 3 little boys decend on the house and be expecting a halloween party.And as of now I have done very little to prepare for it.I had good intensions of doing some stuff for it today but was lazy and spent some quality time with my little Tinkie.I have to make cupcakes--dip some cookies and decorate them like ghosts--decorate some chocolate candy bars to look like bugs--color and cut out the posterboard for the bean bag toss-and find something to substitute for beanbags (I've thought about using balled up socks)--and make the finger sandwiches and probably something else I'm forgetting at the moment.....oh and decorate the front room....LOL hubby has said that if he can escape the house for a little time at the shooting range that he'll help me.....And I'm going to hold him to it!