Saturday, November 28, 2009

Relaxin' after the Holiday

Well,Thanksgiving 2009 is a memory.I hope everyone of my blogger friends had a super time with family and friends.How was your holiday,I'd love to hear your memories.Our Thanksgiving went well.We had a quiet dinner with just me,hubby,his dad and Zachary.Zachary had a pb sandwich,a few marshmallows left over from the watergate salad (or as he called it green dessert).He ate almost a whole piece of pumpkin cheesecake and has asked for more as these days have gone by and he has eaten every bite of the ones he's been given.Seems he likes pumpkin! I did forget to bake the apple pie for the hubby,but it definately wasn't missed with all the other offerings at our table this year.They have already been zipper bagged and frozen for later or waiting for tomorrow when I will turn the turkey into a pot pie of sorts with a sweet potato topping.I meant to do that today but I met a friend for a play date/shopping outting with her kid and zachary and got kinda side tracked.And when I got home I definately was NOT in the mood to put together supper-the hubby and his dad will have to scrounge for themselves tonight.I'm having leftover pizza from yesterday and Zach's having peanut butter "burritos" with cheese chips. Now the countdown till my son's 7th birthday begins.Invites have been sent out so there's no turning back-there will be a party at our house on dec 12 or there will be devistation! I've gotten most of the things for the party already-just have to get the decorations for the cake and the food and we'll be in good shape.Gotta put together another game or two and put the goodie bags together.December is a busy time in our family.