Monday, October 4, 2010

countdown till the hubby changes shifts.....

Well,the hubby's been on night-shift for about the past year (or so it feels like). Where he works,they change shifts every 4months or so,but he's stayed on nights the past few rotations. I'm burned out on it and he says he is. Since he's the only one working for a paycheck,I always tell him to work what he wants to,but personally I'm tired of him working overnight. Starting Tuesday (because of the holiday) he will go into work at 2 and get off at 10 and he will have a normal weekend with sat-sun off. He says he'll start going to church with us after schedule change. I hope so!

Tonight's dinner turned into an improv of sorts. I had planned on making "minute steaks" for the guys and scrounging for something for myself,but the hubby said that he would take quickie chimichangas and I had mentioned making a potato-ham casserole and for me to make that. Good,I won't have to scratch around for my dinner tonight. I can't handle alot of red meat,but I figured the hubby was ready for some sustinance. He is always saying that I'm going to turn him into a chicken--he's already a turkey! LOL For sides,I am making field peas with snaps-YUM. I got the recipe from another cooking blog that I follow. Check it out-she has other yummy recipes on her site. The only thing I changed in the recipe was that I sprinkled the top of mine with parmesan cheese....can't wait till it's done-the kitchen smells sooo good! Zachary will get samples of what we are eating and noodles and a grilled cheese sandwich cut into a fun kid shape with a cookie-cutter.

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham Casserole