Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend...........monday menus

Well Easter 2010 has come and gone.It was a good one spent with family and friends,but I was just sooo tired.Zach had fun running around and playing with other kids and hunting easter eggs.We took Tinkie with us this year.She had a good time but I think she over did it--it was the first time for her to be out in 80+ degree heat.She came home and just laid around all mopey like.She was poopered-out.She's back to herself today-running around looking for trouble with zach.I didn't cook an Easter dinner.The hubby got up and wated the preverbial fave dinner (KFC).I cooked the ham today and boiled up another bunch of eggs and made ham salad.I was browsing some of the blogs I read this morning and this just looked sooo good that I had to try it.I got the recipe for HAM SALAD here. I can't say I've ever eaten a ham salad sandwich,but I think I will tomorrow.I didn't follow the recipe fully,so I will put my variation at the bottom of the page.I was in the mood for a chicken salad sandwich today.And since my fave little specialty store is CLOSED on Mondays (BOOOO! lol),I tried to make my own version of their salad.It was pretty good but just not the same. LOL We really need to go to the grocery store for a big re-stock the pantry trip LOL.Hopefully we will be able to go in a few days.

Instead of the mayo in both the chicken salad and the ham salad,I used poppy seed salad dressing-a few TBS of it (didn't really measure)-I like my "salads" to be wet but not drowning in the liquid.In the Ham salad,I didn't use the mustard or the relish because the dressing was kind of tangy and I wasn't really in the mood for onions anyway.