Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday April 18,2010

The infamous Hubby and kiddo watching MARLEY & ME

Tinkie---snoozing on her back under my pillow with her feet sticking up in the air--sometimes she sleeps like this and hugs the pillow

My goofy kiddo making an animal mask

Earth Day Poster I made

Today was just the kind of Sunday I like---nice and slow and relaxed.The husband slept till after noon. Zach and I worked on putting up laundry and I tried to get a short nap in LOL but it didn't work,so I started some more laundry. Laundry is a never ending saga in our house. Later in the afternoon,Zach and I made his animal mask for his music class. We actually made 2 so he could play with one now and then still have one that was still in one piece for music class. They turned out cute. I tried to get a pic of him wearing it and he wouldn't have anything of that. He's been grumpy all day,complaining of a sore throat. A slight fever started early this evening and he was asleep before 8:30,so I know he doesn't feel well. We have a dentist appointment tomorrow and if the sore throat is still here in the morning probably a visit to the pediatrician also. I hope he doesn't miss music class. I also worked on getting all the printables and worksheets printed out for the Earth Day project our homeschool kids are doing. We are cleaning up one of our favorite playgrounds and having snacks and fun activities afterwards. Zach wants to read an Earth Day book to the kids. I made Earth Day posters,necklaces,printed out mazes and coloring sheets. I also got the kids seed packets and the things needed to plant a flower and take it home with them. I am so excited! It was all my son's idea. About 2 weeks ago he came to me asking if we could help clean up the Earth for Earth Day. AWE!!! He had seen something on Nick Jr about it and wanted to do something,too. So I got to thinking that it might be something that our other homeschool group kids might enjoy too.

Friday I got into the sweet tooth mood (thanks to mother nature's monthly visit). I pulled out two boxes of low fat brownie mix from the pantry and made a huge batch of HUGE brownies. Now don't frown at "LOW FAT BROWNIES". They were delicious. I set a batch aside for grandpa and moved the rest to the other side of the house--if I didn't the brownies would have been all eaten that evening! Saturday afternoon,the hubby came looking for the brownies. I think he ate about 4 when I gave him the stash LOL. He gave a few more to grandpa and we polised the rest of them off this evening. He asked me to make them again. My brownies usually turn out "OK",but they are always kinda "off" somewhere. These were FABULOUS! He said from now on when I make brownies-"do what you did this time" LOL. AND I WILL! Gotta keep the hubby happy. ;)