Friday, April 9, 2010


I joined WW a few months ago and lost some weight,but that has come to a stand-still. I'm doing good exercising every day-I love my exercise bike! I average between 4-10+miles a day and on good days get 2 workouts in during the day. I still have trouble with stress eating. Even today,as I told myself that whenever I feel stress sneaking up on me, that I would turn to the bike instead of the fridge--LOL Didn't happen-the bowl of jelly beans from Easter got the better of me. But I promptly took them to the other side of the house and stuck the rest of the holiday candies into the freezer. Out of sight-out of mind and mouth! I have come to the decision that I am going to start over-let go of all of my "intentions" and just start fresh. I'm going to start a food journal-not only for WW,but for health issues too. It hasn't been happening so much lately,but sometimes I'll eat something and almost immediately after eating (sometimes as little as like 15 mins)--I'll feel it not sitting right and I'll get sick.(in other words BARF) I was beginning to wonder if I had gluten problems so I had that tested and even though the results came back negative,a friend told me that it could still be the gluten. Crazy,I know! But then I have a ton of allergies. I'm allergic to just about every tree/weed there is around here,carrots,tomatoes,blueberries,AND ROACHES!! Yes,ROACHES-they tested me for that! ICK what a horrid thought!! Thankfully I don't have an infestation problem. So I'm leaning toward it indeed being some sort of allergy or intolerance. And the easiest way to see a pattern (if there is any) is to do a journal. I'm starting that tomorrow. I get so frustrated that when I do see any weight loss because each month Mother Nature sabotages me.No matter how GOOD I stick to the plan,each month I put on about 5pounds and lately not all of it has been going away when SHE does LOL. I need to get into the mindset of PUTTING MYSELF FIRST and realizing that I can be a better mom/wife/teacher if I am healthier. I think that's a hard thing for alot of women to do. Wives/mothers tend to put their families ahead of themselves. That's just part of the nurturing side of females,I think. I know I've been guilty of neglecting myself.