Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wednesday menu

Today I scratched enough stuff out of the pantry to make a "medium size" batch of "happy husband chili" for the guys. Hopefully it will feed them tonight and tomorrow. I made myself a huge batch of black bean/turkey/spicy quinoa. It'll last with only me eating it through the weekend. The kiddo did great homework/studies today-he even did math without complaining! After reading,math is his best subject,but he still complains about having to do it! LOL We went out and watered the plants and the garden patch. I have little sunflower sprouts coming up and what I think are carrots coming up-I didn't have anything to mark my rows and I've kinda forgotten where everything is. LOL We'll have to see what it is when it gets bigger. I planted turnips,eggplants,sunflowers,carrots,and elephant garlic. I am going to start some squash plants inside and transfer them out once they get a little bigger. I need to pick up some kale plants too. Just gotta get to the store--sooo glad the weekend is getting closer...