Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I swear,if I didn't love the hubby so much I'd hit him hard with something....LOL Just the other day he agreed with me that we were spending too much on take-out and that we should "DO BETTER". And today when I was asking him what he wanted for "supper",he said "I don't know.....we could always get take-out". GRRRRR LOL I'm in a losing battle here. He and grandpa love this little place down a few blocks from us called NEWS Restraunt.So that's what they got-two HUGE hamburger "steak" plates with gravy,onions,a roll,and french fries. I usually get chicken tenders if I eat there,but have been getting sick every time I eat there,so I realized it wasn't worth eating it if I was just going to "lose" it later,so the past few times I've passed on News Restraunt. Now I'm not knocking their food-it's delicious--it just doean't agree with my digestion or allergies-or diet plan lol. I nibbled on chicken salad on pita crackers till I figured out that's not what I wanted-then I made an "ELVIS" sandwich on whole wheat rounds. I did 20 mins of the Valerie Bertanelli GAIAM workout dvd--GOING TO BE SORE IN THE MORNING! I did pretty good-was able to follow most of it-except when they did the floor exercises. I spent half the time shooing the POOPER out of my face LOL she was sooo excited to see me down on her level LOL. Earlier in the day I did a 4.5mile workout on the bike. So today was a pretty good exercise day.

** I love GAIAM-they have lots of great eco-friendly workout items and lots of yoga dvds (even for us beginners).