Friday, April 9, 2010

On the Homeschool Front

We have about 3 lessons to complete and a handful of misc pages to do and we will be FINISHED with this book! YAY!

We can't wait to start this new workbook!

I just realized today that we're almost at the "traditional" end of the year-we school all year round and take "breaks" as needed. I'm trying to get a few workbooks finished up and get a head start on what we need to order for when we start our 2nd grade studies. I think I've basicly got all the workbooks except for one or two,but want to get a good microscope since Zach's getting all interested in science. I have one picked out-just gotta set aside the $$ and order it.

Zach is just about finished with SPECTRUM SPELLING-grade 1. He pulled out the SPECTRUM SPELLING grade 2 book today and was looking through it. He said "THIS IS COOL,ISN'T IT? IT'S HARDER TOO RIGHT?" I told him yes it was but it was for 2nd grade-not 1st like he was in now. He's all excited about going up a grade. I love to see him excited about studies and learning new things. He was working in the spelling book late last night (I think it was a ploy to stay up later LOL)- and did some contractions (was not= wasn't) and he got them all right without me having to remind him how to do them. I was so proud! Getting him to do any sort of handwriting has always been a challenge,but lately I can see a big improvement in his work. He has started writing sentences on his own too. YES!