Saturday, April 10, 2010

Exhausted Saturday

Got up early with low blood sugar-50s. If I go into the 40s I feel really weak and shaky.I got up and ate and checked it later and it was 300 something.I hate mornings like that! Went back to bed for a few more mins sleep but it didn't happen. (the blood sugar did level off by mid morning-guess something was just out of whack today) Got up and got a shower and hit WalMart for a much needed re-stock grocery store trip-got a bunch but still ended up forgetting some things. Came home and unloaded it all and went to Sam's. We had to make a stop at the other WalMart across town because grandpa needed something from there. I picked up a couple of corn sprouts and 2 more veggie sprouts and a few little purple violet plants there,but couldn't find what I was originally looking for.I looked at both WMs for either MINT seeds or MINT plants and neither one had them. I picked up some BASIL and THYME plants and seeds for a few other herbs. I called LOWE'S and they didn't have MINT either. I remembered a little plant place that's on the same route the hubby takes to work every day-PLANT THE EARTH. I called and they had mint-so we got up and headed out again. I bought 3 APPLE MINT plants and 2 "regular" MINT plants and a hydrangia bush. I had the intentions of planting it all today but it didn't happen. I did get all but 1 mint plant into a planter box that's going on the front porch. I want to try MINT TEA. I've never tried it and saw a recipe on foodnetwork for an apple-mint spritzer drink that I want to try. I also got some CATNIP-I wonder if the neighbor's kitties will sniff it out and come play on our porch. I hope my little herbs do well this year-I usually have BAD luck with herbs.LOL After a quick lunch,we went out to where I used to live out in the country to shoot at targets. The shooting range where hubby is a member was closed today. It's been a long,long time since I've shot the pistols,so I was pretty rusty-most of the shots made it on the target but not all were where I wanted them to be LOL. The pistols rub my thumb nuckle so they aren't very comfy to hold-they are heavy too. My poor little hands weren't made for holdin' those big old guns (bats eyelashes very southern belle like)LOL. The hubby wants me to learn to shoot for self defense reasons and I was supposed to take a special "learn to shoot" course for women this spring but it just never happened.