Friday, April 16, 2010

Fabulous Friday

HEY,Everyone! Remember that workout dvd I told y'all about a few days ago. Well,I think it's a keeper. My Thighs are soooo sore that I can barely go up/down stairs without assistance! As soon as I can lunge again without major pain LOL I am going to start doing it on a regular basis. Maybe this is a workout I will see results with-still doing the bike mostly every day,but not seeing the fast results I was hoping for. Maybe doing this along with the bike,I'll see SOMETHING that looks like results!

Today we played hookey and went to the movies. I took my god-child (grown up now) and my son to go see HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. I think we all had fun. The movie was interesting,but now looking back on it the story line should have explained some things a little better,but for a kiddie movie, it was fun.

The hubby asked what was on the AGENDA for tomorrow? I don't really know. I told him I wanted to do "as little as possible" LOL and I mean it. I have a few baskets of laundry that need to be put away and I need to wash the few new things I picked up for myself and Zach today. Other than that,I DO NOT want to do much more-other than walk the dog maybe LOL. I got Tinkie a new leash that we need to try out. Maybe we will hit the park tomorrow. We'll see. HAPPY WEEKEND,FELLOW BLOGGERS!!!