Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday 4-13-2010

I've been tired all day today-not sure why. I'm planning on hitting the bed after the hubby leaves for work in just under an hour. For dinner tonight,the guys got BBQ boneless pork chops. Nothing fancy,just poured some leftover bbq sauce over them and baked them. I pulled a couple out for me so I could just season them with salt/pepper. I made brown/wild rice (minute rice) and kale/spinach gratin for sides. For the spinach/kale,I poured half a bag of baby spinach in a pan with some chicken stock and let that cook while I washed/chopped the kale and a few garlic cloves.All that went in with the spinach and cooked down a bit.When it was done I drained whatever liquid was left and added the remainder of a small tub of light sour cream and a handful of cheese.I mixed it up and put into a casserole dish and baked a few mins until the cheese was melted.No pics tonight because it was eaten faster than I could get the camera out. LOL

****DON'T Forget to get those taxes in the mail on time now! :)