Monday, April 12, 2010


The picture doesn't do this meal justice-it was delicious!!! And even though here I added turkey,the next time I am going totally meatless with this recipe.It was delish!!! YOU SHOULD TRY IT!

Today was a busy day. I had to run a few errands-stop by bank,pay the water bill.I hit the fabric/craft store to find something springy and pretty to go on the front door,but didn't see any new wreaths I liked,so I just picked up a few things that looked like I could use them for our upcoming homeschool EARTH DAY gathering-more on that in the days to come. We stopped at Chik-Fil-A for lunch so Zachary could eat something besides McD's and still get a chance to play. LOL-he had fun and ate a little. Our last stop was WM where I picked up a few more planters for the front porch,more seeds,and a bag of dirt-amd other other boring items LOL. After supper,Zach and I went out and put a little marker beside each plant with the name on it. I marked what I could in the garden,but there are a few things coming up that I can't quite tell what they are right now. LOL When I planted,I didn't have anything waterproof to mark them with,so I just marked the rows with straws. I got a planter of catnip planted today and another bigger planter of lavender planted today. Now I just have to get a few ferns to hang and I think I'll be done with the porch.

I really didn't feel like putting a whole meal togetherthis evening,so the hubby and grandpa got one of those enchilada freezer meals (hey-they like them!).Zachary got some pasta and a pbj "burrito--he ate most of the burrito. I wasn't hungry and planned on just nibbling on the chicken salad I made the other day,but I got to flipping through some blogs online and found a sloppy joe recipe. I'm allergic to tomatoes,so if I have sloppy joes,I have to make them from scratch. I found a version that called for lentils. I added a little turkey to it but next time I plan on going meatless with this-it is totally filling without the turkey. I didn't really measure when I added the ingredients-I just added until I liked how it tasted. I think it's basicly the same recipe another mom shared with me a few weeks ago. I'll have to pull out that recipe and compare. The recipe I followed "somewhat" is from HERE.