Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Today is a beautiful,sunny day! We made it through all the storms yesterday and the worst that we got (at least in my neighborhood) was a few limbs blown down and the bushes looked like the wind whipped them pretty good. I need to go out back and check on my little garden patch and see how it fared. I took a few mins this morning to highlight my hair. I usually let my neice do it for me. She works at KUT N UP salon at Bonita Lakes mall. If you're there and need a haircut or color,go see DONDI-she will fix you up! Before she got her job at the mall,she would make housecalls and cut my son's hair and either color or highlight my hair. That was sooo nice! LOL She really spoiled me-plus she would give me a good family discount! ;) But at the salon,she's kinda locked into their prices. A few months ago I went and it was $75 for my hightlights. OUCH! LOL I needed them badly now,but couldn't quite fit that into the budget right now,so I decided to do it myself. I'd done it before,but they had never quite turn out how I want. I bought a new brand this time and was a little more relaxed and just went for it. Not to be braggin' on myself,but I love my hair! It turned out great--just what I wanted! Sorry,Dondi! LOL I should go to beauty school myself! When I was about 8-9 yrs old that's what I wanted to do--style hair. My barbies got regular new "hair-dos" lol. One time,my nephew helped me chop off all the doll's hair! It's so funny-he still remembers that to this day! LOL He is married to Dondi.

This afternoon,my son's music class is making drums-he is so excited. Then on Friday,at music they are having story time and will use the drums to help the story teller tell the story. That will be fun.