Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quinoa Lunch

OK.I don't make resolutions cause we all know they don't end up lasting.But I do take inventory of what's going on in my life and try to make changes-not just at New Year but several times throughout the year.One thing I definately need to do as a diabetic is eat healthier.Breakfast is a big challenge for me.Lately,I've been craving scrambled egg sandwiches.If you have the right bread it can be low carb but the bread I have now is not.I need to get some more Ezekiel bread.That is sooo good-pricey definately worth it.

I have a bag of quinoa I've been trying to use up.And honestly,I had gotten bored with it a little.Today I surfed around online and found a few new recipes I am definately going to try-one of them is a breakfast recipe-I found a few of those actually and am quite excited to try them.Once I do,I'll be sure to share all the tasty details.Today I made some turkey black bean "burgers" and some quinoa with spicy corn and black beans.I drizzled a little spicy mustard on the burgers and it was delish.I have leftovers since hubby doesn't eat turkey willingly (except at the holidays).