Friday, January 22, 2010

weekend plan

Before I went out to run errands today I took out a log of burger meat to thaw for the guys usual weekend fare "happy husband chili".The husband was in a funky mood today and didn't want that.So I said well you'll get spaghetti then.I stuck it back in the fridge to make tomorrow.I put together a brown rice stir fry using chicken thigh strips and bellpepper and onion strips.I used a little chinese seasoning packet for a little more taste.It was good.I have a ton of leftovers.What isn't eaten by tomorrow will go in the freezer.I ate the last of my spicy turkey quinoa today so I will have to make more of that tomorrow too.I don't think I'm going to use as much spice this time.It's also the last of my quinoa.A friend picked me up a bunch back last year when she went to a great grocery store that isn't available to us locally.I ordered some from BOB'S RED MILL last night along with some "low carb" bread mix.I can't be without my quinoa! LOL