Friday, January 29, 2010

bedtime from HELL......

The past couple of weeks,we've noticed that Zach has been so much more emotional and prone to meltdowns.Tonight was one of the worst! Oh,boy-my head is still pounding!He wasn't listening to me even as I repeated myself several times (as been the usual lately),so I said "ok,that's it,ealry bedtime." Meltdown "But I wasn't finished watching tv" was the teary response.After we get clean jammies on and teeth brushed,and get him into bed he decides he was thirsty,so I let him up to get a sip of juice,then it was back to bed.He was hungry then.Crying and carrying on that he didn't get enough supper and he was still hungry-crying that his mom didn't love him and feed him enough! LOL Then his pjs were itching him and after much crying he takes his pj top off.Then his nose is running from all of the crying he's done and he wants me to get up and get him something so he can blow his nose.I tell him to get up and do it himself-another round of crying and screaming that his "mother doesn't care about him".I am so worn out tonight.I really have to get him into a better bedtime routine.All this crying and screaming from him is waring on my nerves.He has at last count about 3-4 loose teeth.I can't see if any are coming in behind or under those teeth yet but by the way he's been lately-so cranky and irritable,I wonder if he is teething.Do 7 year olds still "teeth"? He doesn't drink caffeine,didn't have candy today...I can't figure out what it is-I'm leaning towards making him nap again in the afternoons everyday.Can mommy do a primal scream now?