Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mississippi is under a state of emergency......

Forecasters say a major winter storm is headed our way.They are predicting ice/sleet/freezing rain/and snow-I think they are just covering all the bases cause they don't know WHAT kind of weather we are going to get.All schools in the witer storm area (just about the whole state) are closed tomorrow-and day cares and colleges are sending out closing alerts.I got word that the Navy Base where the hubbs works will be closed to all non essential workers tomorrow-I hoped he would get off early so he could pick up a few things I forgot at the store today but he had not even heard they were not working tomorrow.They are saying the past few days that we've seen the coldest temps since they began keeping records of weather events here in the 1940s-and that even colder temps are expected.A few days ago they said we might get 4-6 inches of snow but have since backed off that prediction.Like I said it's a guessing game as of now.I hope everyone is ready for whatever comes and stays warm and snugg at home.The slightest few inches of snow can shut the town down-LITERALLY.I think for us,the biggest fear is losing power for any legnth of time.That would mean no heat-and if it lasted longer than a day probably losing whatever we have in the freezer.But if it is cold enough outside we could always put it in coolers in the back yard I guess LOL.We have a fireplace but "someone" (I won't name names) had the smart idea of closing it up so he could put dog photos on the front of it.HMMF looking at dog pics ain't going to keep us warm.I noticed today that the 3 plants I left out on the front porch are dead-they are black and all icky looking.I will have to empty the pots and toss as soon as the winter weather is gone in a few days.I had left them out because little birdies had taken up residence and I didn't want the birdies to be displaced when I would bring them inside so I'm not surprised or too terribly upset.It'll give me an excuse to hit the garden center when the warm weather returns.