Thursday, January 21, 2010

UGH dreaded DMV photo time again

Time to renew my driver's license-crap-I always hate doing those photos.I don't know what made me look at my driver's license a few minutes ago but I pulled it out and yep-time to renew next month,which also means it's my birthday--39.Doesn't really bother me.Now the next year LOL don't know-I thought I was having a nervous break down when I hit 30.I was single,had no prospects of a romantic life,no kids LOL.Little did I know how my life would change over the next few weeks.The year 2000 my life really changed! I can NOT believe I've been with my husband for 10 years-the date of our first date is April 3.That just shocks and amazes me.Goes back to what I've always said-things happen when they are supposed to-can't hurry them along.Sometimes we have to go through certain things and come to realizations to better understand ourselves and our past before we can move on to our futures.Gosh how did this turn from "oh no I have to get my driver's license photo redone" to such philosophy? LOL