Sunday, January 24, 2010


I think I've shared the story of how I'm training my pooper to help with the housework.She will find scraps of paper on the floor and bring them to me for treats.She will do this all day-anything for a lean treat!Well,a few weeks ago I noticed she was bringing my hair bands to me.I got to watching her and she had a little stash of them in her hiding place (under the bed).She hides bones/treats/toys everywhere you can imagine-in the little space she can squeeze into in the sewing room closet,under my bed,under her pillow,behind chairs.She is a character! Anyway,I got to watching her and she was playing with my pony tail bands.She will toss them around and catch them and hold onto it with her paw and mouth and pop them where it kinda hits her nose.LOL She will bring them to us and put them in our hands wanting us to play with her with it.She will drop it in our hand and bump our hand with her nose or bring the band to us and hold half of it in her mouth and want us to play tug of war with her with it.I love my dog!