Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hurry up and Wait!

We've had the threat of a "major" winter storm predicted for us since about Monday-maybe before then.Well it has been majorly COLD down here and across the south,but East Central Mississippi has only seen a few snow flurries-tiny ones at that.Temps have been falling all day and they have said they have found ice on a few roads around the county,but honestly I think we've dodged whatever bullet was aimed at us.Still have to make it through the night to see if we get any icing around the area,and they say that temps through the weekend are going to be below freezing.We'll see what happens.Hubby didn't go into work today.Most of the schools,daycares,colleges,and even a few businesses were shut today and some are going to be closed tomorrow.As far as where hubby works they are saying wait and see what happens over night.