Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Wonderings...........

Woke up this dreary Saturday morning to a killer migraine-NOT a good way to start any day,let me tell you.In the past,I've had migraines that would keep me in bed for days! Thank goodness this wasn't one of those.Since I've cut out the things I'm allergic to and don't really have the stresses of working outside the home,my migraines have been few and far between.I popped a couple of excedrin migraine pills and couldn't believe it,but in about an hour I was feeling better-headache about gone--eyes are still a bit sensitive and I have those floater spots but they are going away.SHEW! The hubby's out getting a much needed hair cut this morning and I'm trying to declutter the computer desk and sewing room table where the mail and the week's STUFF has accumulated.Since we got the two giant recliners everything has just kinda been pushed into the corner of the sewing room and it's about to drive me crazy.It's a complete mess! There is a catch all "dresser" in there that will be going soon-along with all the JUNK that's in it-it's really a catch all in the true sense of those words.I got the OK from the hubby to toss it and as soon as I get to it,it will be OUT! Today we are supposed to tackle the closet and put in the closet kit I got at Lowe's last week.$79-on sale from like $130 something.It's those rack thingies that are supposed to make a cluttered,messy closet look neat and tidy.LOL We'll see.I've been wanting to do something to our closet since I moved in back in 2001 but it just kept being put off.I had the extra $$ this time to get the kit and now I hope I have the energy to get it put up.

Foodwise today the hubby's getting the usual weekend fare "Happy Husband Chili".I have to run out to the store later to get some equal and few other things I forgot the other day,so I might get the stuff to make cornbread-gotta get a mix to make birdie bread for the parrot too,so might as well make some for the guys.For myself I've got a pound of turkey thawing.I'm going to make some more black bean,turkey quinoa-gotta pick up some more spicy mustard for that.If I am up to it I might try to make some turkey sausage.I got some sausage spices and have been wanting to try to make my own turkey sausage since I can't find any fresh turkey sausage around here.

My sister is a big green tea drinker.I guess it might have been that particular brand I tried,but I could take it or leave it.Lately I've had the hankering for green tea with citrus (by lipton).I found some diet green tea/citrus at the store the other day and have been drinking it like mad.I think I could seriously put a dent in the amount of soda I drink--SERIOUSLY,it's that good.I also found something by Lipton called "sparkling green tea"-not diet but low enough carbs for me that I can have it occassionally.It's good too-SERIOUSLY! I got the kiwi-strawberry flavor.It has a little fizz in it-YUM.Gotta get more of the green tea today-SERIOUSLY! LOL