Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Look Ahead

I picked up the things to make my "white lasagna" this weekend-except I think instead of lasagna I'm going to mix it all up and just do a casserole bake with Ziti-that's what I bought anyway LOL...I basicly cook turkey with onion and garlic and then process some bellpeppers and other veggies in the processor until they are really fine and then I mix it all together and layer with cheese and lasagna noodles and use either a white sauce from scratch or in a pinch the jarred stuff.I haven't made it in a while but am getting a taste for it.Santa brought Zach a kiddie cookbook with "no cook" recipes for rice krispy treats-so I think we'll try something out of that--even if it's just the classic rice krispy treat.He'll enjoy helping out.I saw a show on foodnetwork this weekend where the cook used crispy potato boats as like a "cup" for beef stew.That looked amazing.The trick is to get the potato shell really,really crispy.I think I'm going to try that and dish out the last of the "husband happy chili" in that and maybe do a couple for me and zach.He is in a food rut and is getting bored with pbj sandwiches LOL.It is so hard to feed my child!