Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new closet-hopefully

Our closet is a mess.The bar thingie you hang the clothes on looks like it's about to fall down at any minute.The hubby would say his wife has too many clothes,but he has just about as many as I do.I've been nagging him to get a closet kit or hire someone to build shelves in the closet like the ones you see on tv LOL I want a pretty closet!(Really,I want a Jessica Simpson closet-maybe in another life LOL)Well I finally gave up and said I was going to lowes to get a closet kit myself.Not the fancy built ins that my little heart really wants,but it's shelving and hopefully will turn our ugly,cluttered closet into something better.We'll see.That is the project in store for us this coming weekend.The next thing I have to do around the house is to re-grout the tub.We had the bathroom redone about 1 1/2 yrs ago but the seal around the tub is already coming out.The guy that did the work for us also did a bathroom for a sister and she had the same problem,so it was either the stuff he used or the way he did it.I've been nagging the hubby to do that too,LOL so I'm going to get the ball rolling.I'm tired of waiting for him to finish something that should have been done months ago.He doesn't know what's in store for his procrastinating butt,does he? ha ha ha