Saturday, January 9, 2010

saturday outing in the frigid weather

I really had planned on staying in this weekend--ALL WEEKEND...but I wanted to go look at a couple of recliners and needed the hubby to fill out the credit app...I was getting a killer headache and needed to sit down,eat a bite,and take something for it so we ended up at Arby's.It was so funny.Usually hubby and the Zach will sit down and I'll get the order.This time Zach wanted to order for himself so we let him-he didn't want the kiddie stuff,he wanted something off the "adult menu" as he put it.He ordered a vanilla shake,curly fries,and potato cakes (he doesn't eat meat)-all off the $1 menu.He ate a few fries and a bite or two of the potato cake-and of course most of the vanilla shake.I took meds for the headache and chilled a bit with the diet soda.My son just turned 7 yrs old. My son likes girls.All kinds of girls-little girls,babies,grownups LOL...And he'll tell them too if he thinks they are pretty or if he likes their hair/hat/shirt LOL.He is a bit FLIRT.And thinks he's ready to date.He is always asking about how old you have to be to get married or go on a date or what do you do on a date and what did his dad and I do on a date.He didn't want us to see him but we couldn't help noticing that he was watching these two young teen girls.Once in the car,I asked him if he thought they were cute.He said yes,that he liked the one in the coat with the pink heart on it and with the long hair.LOL He said he wanted to date her.His dad thinks it is so cute! I told him that they were too old for him and he needed to date someone his own age.