Tuesday, October 6, 2009

15 bean Soup with Kelbasa

This has turned out to be a guy-pleaser in our house.On one of those discovery health shows a few years ago,I saw that beans have some nutrient that is good for a guy's "health" (wiggles eyebrows) shall we say.It turned out to be a joke that I made the bean soup whenever I wanted to get the husband in a "happy mood".

I take a package of 15 bean soup (without seasonings-too salty for my taste) and cook in crockpot until tender.I add whatever seasonings catch my eye (chili,cumin,taco,salt,pepper,red chili flake) and chop up a few links of kelbasa into bite size chunks.I usually use turkey kelbasa.

I add the kelbasa as close to the end cooking time of the beans as I can so it will still heat up without being cooked to mush.Sometimes I serve over rice.Sometimes with corn bread.Whatever I have handy.It's a definate cool weather favorite in our house-and not for the "health benefits"! AHEM! That's what's for supper tonight---I wonder if it will make hubby "happy" today?
I had a ham monte cristo sandwich for supper....YUM!