Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rainy Sunday morning breakfast

Chicken-apple sausage and diced hashbrowns cooking in a little olive oil.

I drained in a collander to make sure it wasn't greasy.

Add a few fried eggs and hubby was a happy man this morning!

Hubby doesn't think it's a proper meal without some sort of "meat"-I'm trying to convince him otherwise.When he asked "what's for breakfast"this morning,I popped open the oven door and showed him the biscuits he asked "that's it?" LOL.So along with the eggs,I made homemade chicken-apple sausage hash.I put some chicken- apple sausages "links" into the processor and got them nice and chopped.I found a half bag of diced hashbrown potatoes in the freezer and cooked them together in a little olive oil (the chicken sausage is lean compared to other sausage).Can I say BRAIN-BLAST!!!! That was delish! I am never buying canned hash again.This was so good I can't tell you! Definately another favorite!