Saturday, October 3, 2009


How tall this fall? Zachary is 4ft2--6 1/2 yrs old--exactly 1 foot shorter than his mom~!

Tinkie sporting her new red shirt and red harness~she matches my purse!

OK,I'm ready! Can we go now!?

Well,I was up sick half the night and got up feeling so weak that hubby called the gun safety class leader for me and asked if there would be another class soon-so I will be taking the one in the spring.I was so weak when I got up this morning my knees were shaky. I think it had something to do with my blood sugar-once overnight I got up to check it and it was like 63--WOAH time to eat something.Then I over did it (counted carbs wrong) and woke up with it high.I should know how to do that better by now but it's still a challenge.I hate diabetes!!

We went back to bed and laid around being lazy a few hours and hubby helped his dad out in the backyard for a bit.Then we decided OK we need to get out of the house for a bit.We took Zachary and Tinkie to Lazy Acres Pumpkin Patch (it's also a christmas tree farm).Tinkie did really well in the car.She would snooze a little and look out the window some and then fall back asleep.LOL She did really well for being on her leash for only the second time.She ran around and was so excited seeing all the new people and enjoyed being out in the warm sun.One attraction that they have is that they do a pig race where they let the piggies out of their pen and they run around a circle track back to their feed bowls-it's absolutely HILARIOUS.We didn't see that this year but said hello to the piggies.We thought Tinkie might have over done it-she got really panty and laid down and was just acting so worn out-kinda scared us a little.We made her drink some water and we rested a little and hitched a ride back to the country store on a tractor driven hay ride.She liked that I think-except for all the tractor noise!We only stayed about 2 hours I would say.Might have stayed longer if Tinkie wasn't with us,but we had a blast! Zach picked out a HUGE pumpkin.I told him we might try and go back again later this month if it gets cooler.I want to go again when the christmas tree farm part is open,I've never been to that.They have a "sleigh" pulled by reindeer I think.All in all it was a pretty good afternoon.