Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Supper Oct 7,2009

SORRY-I got out of order with my pics and haven't figured out how to arrange them without deleting them all and uploading again! LOL It took me a while to figure out that you should start with your end pic first....This BLOG stuff gives me a headache sometimes! ;)

Mashed-potatoes--Yes,I'm woman enough to admit that I used potato flakes.I'm trying to empty the pantry and this was what was available.Hubby loves them. Quick and Easy.

After cooking the angus burger patties,I turned the heat off and added a few TBS of butter to the drippings in the pan.I added some flour,salt,pepper,and "roasting" seasonings to the pan and whisked it around until the flour was a nice peanut butter color.I cooked the flour a few mins to get the "pasty" taste out and added water to it until it was the consistentcy that I liked.I ended up having to add more salt and pepper.I let it cook a few mins and served it over both the potatoes and the burger steaks.

Quinoa bubbling away--Instead of using just water I used a can of chicken broth and water.I added black beans and a zippie bag of corn that I had in the freezer.It was delicious!

After discouraging hubby from getting take out for supper,I told him I'd make the same thing he would have gotten at take out and it would taste better-and be healthier for him.He mumbled "whatever" and went to sleep for the afternoon.Hubby works night shift--at least for another 2 nights.He's been on this shift for the past 6 months and this time pulled the mid shift--he'll work from like 2pm-10pm.It'll take a while to get used to this new schedule--it always throws Zachary off for a while.But back to supper...I made burger "steaks" with carmelized sweet onions and gravy for the guys.I made myself a breaded chicken breast but it turned out to be blackened chicken! LOL Not sure if the olive oil was too hot or the spices I used weren't right for it,but it turned out pretty crispy and dark-just like blackened chicken! (I'm having a rough day ain't I?-do I sound like a sweet little southern bell?) LOL I made quinoa with black beans and corn,and mashed potatoes for the guys (I'll admit it,it was potato flakes-I'm trying to clear out the pantry).I used 1/2 a carton of mashed sweet potatoes for the infamous pie.I had a few scoops with my supper and put the rest back so I can try the pie again.I forgot to take a pic of the full meal (guess I was so mad about the pie).Hubby isn't fond of quinoa-reminds him of rice which I have to beat him to get him to eat,but he got some in with his supper tonight.I gave it to Grandpa tonight too-we'll see how he likes it.Hubby said "he won't like it,it's new".I told him the Indians ate it for thousands of years.He said yeah,grandpa ain't an Indian LOL.We'll see if he likes it.My family is crazy!!!!