Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wednesday oct 21,2009

Today I opened the freezer and had NO IDEA what to make for hubby....Pulled out some ground beef and it looks like it'll be spaghetti.I'm going to make a huge batch and freeze some meat and sauce.DONE.Even though I didn't want to leave the house today,hubby gave me a sad story and asked me to go get him something,so I made a trip to walmart.No matter how much I threaten and complain about it we always seem to end up going like 3xs per week and that doesn't count the weekends.Oh well.Picked up a roast to throw in the crockpot so i won't have to cook tomorrow and I decided to run by the allergy dr and get my shots a day early so maybe just maybe I can relax at home and DO NOTHING tomorrow! We'll see how that goes.I picked up a cheesy pizza for Zach and some kind of chicken/garlic white saucey pizza for myself-it looked good anyway.I'll cook my chicken burger and brussel sprouts tomorrow.