Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting ready for halloween

Well,this little witch is getting ready for next weekend.I'm having a few kids over so zach can have a halloween party.Today,I'm going through the recipe mags and making a shopping list,making a few decorations-hoping the ones I ordered come in LOL.I gave hubby orders to move a few things out of my way so I can get the living room "company ready".It's going to be 2 days post surgery for my little Tinkie-pooh so I'm not sure how she's going to be feeling.If she's not up to alot of kids and excitement,I can just keep our side of the house closed off and have movies and games downstairs out of her way.For games I'm planning on a bean bag toss game where they throw small beanbags (gotta get/make those) through posterboard cutouts of pumkins with each marked as a different point value-but no matter how they do each little one will get a goodie bag.The other game I've had on my mind is the one I remember from a school carnival I went to back in like 1978 or 1979 (way too long ago)-where there is a sheet hanging across a clothesline and someone is on the other side of the sheet and you "fish" for your prize.I'm getting each kid a little hotwheels car and maybe a gummy body part candy for prizes.I hope the weather's nice where it can all be done outside but if not it's stuff that can be easily done inside.As of now,I'm planning on finger sandwiches for the grownups and corndogs for the kids--apple slices,chips and homemade ranch dip,hidden treasure brownie cupcakes (with a chocolate kiss hidden in the middle of the cupcake),and nutter-butter cookie ghosts (basicly you dip a nutter butter cookie in white chocolate and paint two eyes or a face on with decorator gel icing).The pics make it look simple.We'll see.I plan on doing a trial run on the brownie cupcakes this afternoon or whenever I can get the kitchen to myself.Right now grandpa has the tv blaring in the den and I just can't concetrate with alot of noise around me!(The kitchen is kinda hooked onto his "den" and it's just soooo noisey.)The hubby went out to see my dad about joining their hunting camp.So we'll see how that goes-I hope he doesn't get lost.It's way out in the "woods" and this will be the first time he's ever gone without me riding shotgun to give him directions LOL.And my little ghoul is playing wii fit in his bedroom-half naked LOL.