Friday, October 16, 2009

Tired Friday

Tinkie's Trick or Treat doggie shirt.
Today,I had good intensions to get up after hubby left for work and to run a few errands and hit Petco,Rite Aid,and the only store in town (walmart LOL),but I guess my body had other intensions.I was just soooo tired it wasn't funny.I'm battling wills with my blood sugars again.When they are high-I feel tired,irritable-and according to the calendar I'm supposed to be getting a visitor any day now so PMS is probably mixed in there too.I got up this morning and made breakfast (frozen biscuits,maple sausage and scrambled eggs).I got online for a bit and it hit me like a ton of bricks.I was just exhausted.I managed to get a shower and laid down for a bit while hubby got ready for work and he asked if I was going out any today and I said yeah.He could see I was tired so said let it all wait till saturday and he will go with me so it won't be such a load to do by myself.I had to go to the drug store because I was out of necessary medicine.I came back and let the kid and puppy play out in the back yard-didn't stay too long because it was kinda chilly and windy.I found a good deal on pizza at PJs if I ordered online so I did and got one without sauce and that was a late lunch and the leftovers will be hubby's supper-that and the rest of the taco-tamale pie from last night.