Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oct 6 breakfast

Chicken spinach feta sausage--I turned around to do something else for a sec and I think I let it get chopped a little too fine!

Found the scret to cooking the perfect scrambled eggs.COOK THEM ON LOW heat-saw that on foodnetwork back a while ago and my eggs have been coming out wonderfully every since!

Alright,I'll confess-they are NOT homemade! They are the from the frozen section.I want to get organized/handy enough to where I can make a batch and freeze them so I can have scratch biscuits anytime without all the fuss.**sigh** One day......

When I texted hubby to let him know I had turned off the house alarm this morning (so he won't try to come in and set the darned thing off at like 7am! LOL),I asked what he wanted for breakfast.He asked if we had anymore hash.Um,NO! I had the last of the leftovers in a sandwich for breakfast yesterday. But we did have more chicken sausage in the freezer (no hashbrown potatoes though).This morning it was chicken-spinach-feta sausage hash with biscuits and scrambled eggs.Hubby was not fond of the hash today LOL.Not sure if it was because it tasted different LOL or if I kinda got busy doing something else and let the processor chop it too fine! It was good,but sunday's hash was definately better!
And yes,we use paper plates.Personally it doesn't really make a difference,but the husband thinks that if we use paper plates,it'll mean fewer dishes to wash.UM,maybe like 3 few plates....But we still have to wash the pots and pans I made dinner in so what's a few more things in the dishwasher.Grandpa thinks that way too.Whatever!