Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spaghetti Sunday

yellow squash cleaned and cut into circles-boil until tender-drain and place in baking dish-add cheddar cheese (any type) and bake till cheese is melted


Green Beans-trimmed,blanched and cooling-ready to hit the freezer

apple pie filling---I processed apples because it was quicker than chopping--added nutmet and cinnamon and a little sugar--added a few TBS of flour and cooked it till it was hot and bubbly

add to pie shell and bake at 375* till pie shell is done and "filling" is somewhat browned and firm

This past Sunday,the hubby wanted spaghetti.He picked up a HUGE bag of mini french style loaves of bread so I buttered and sprinkled a little garlic on and toasted.That was delicious.I made cheesy squash as a side dish to whatever I had.LOL Must not have been too good if I can't remember what it was huh? LOL I made an apple pie and used the last frozen pie shell I had.It turned out good---I should have put more sugar in it but it was nice.Hubby said next time to leave the apples chunkier,so I'll have to try that.Yesterday I made hubby one of those "box desserts" he picked up at the store-one that you basicly make a version of a candy bar-he wanted chocolate/peanutbutter.It's good but messy and could probably be made better if I made one from scratch.Gotta think about that.......Tuesday it's going to be "fried" porkchops.Not sure on what sides yet.I know hubby will want mashed potatoes LOL.I got another one of thoes saucy pasta steamer thingies that I will probably make for myself-hubby didn't like it too well,but I thought it was delicious! I also blanched some green beans I got at the store-I didn't want them to ruin before I could use them,so I cut them,blanched them,cooled them and froze them.