Monday, October 19, 2009

flat biscuits up and had it in my mind I was going to make biscuits this morning-got them all cut out and they looked pretty on the baking sheet but something happened and most of them came out flat-and they fell apart and crumbled when I cut them open to butter them.Tasted good but I was NOT a happy baker this morning! LOL Hubby and grandpa left for a dr appointment,so I had the kitchem to myself a while.I tried another batch using another recipe.This time,I used the recipe on the back of the WHITE LILY flour.These definately turned out better than the food network recipe (sorry AB).They were fluffy and soft inside--but only 4 of them rose to where you could actually tell it was a biscuit though LOL.I'm wondering if it's how I'm rolling them out and cutting them.HMMMMM Something to ponder.I am definately going to work on perfecting my biscuit recipe this week.There's nothing worse that a sweet little SouthernBelle that can't make a good biscuit!