Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tinkie pooh update

Tinkie and Zachary sacked out after a long day of play.
On the Tinkie front,the days are ticking down till her surgery.I hope the pet insurance I enrolled in IS legit and I do get some of the money back.We're going to have her spayed/neutered and micro chipped.That's going to be roughly $200 out of pocket so anything that I get back will be welcomed.The vet is also going to do a skin test to see if we can figure out why her hair is thinning out so bad in some spots.The one by her ear seems to be getting worse.Ever since we went out to play in the back yard last week she's been limping.She won't let me look at her foot to see if it she has a splinter or boo boo on it.It comes and goes too.She was also kinda stepped on that afternoon too.So I'm hoping it's just that and nothing too serious.She lost a tooth a few weeks ago.She's been chewing kinda funny when we give her doggie bones so I'm wondering if she has lost more than one puppy tooth.She hasn't been eating all her doggie food the past few days.So I'm wondering if that's why--maybe she's having a hard time chewing.I meant to pick up some kinda of softer food the other day but forgot.I'll have to do it if I go back to the store this week.She loves scrambled eggs-and the vet said it was ok for her to eat some-just to try and stay away from the fat,so I've been making her a scrambled egg white for breakfast--she gets half and the parrot gets half.I'll be glad when the whole surgery deal is over though LOL.We got some cute video of her and if i can figure out how to upload it I'll post it here-for now it's on facebook.We swear this dog is trying to talk.She was saying MAMA....Now she's saying OWWWW! Hubby likes to play rough and tussle with her and get riled up.He'll say OWWW when she nips him or bumps him with her nose (she knows she can't bite so she'll bump you with her nose if you're playing rough and she wants to bite ya LOL).