Friday, October 9, 2009

Gotta love leftovers

Supper Friday was leftovers.For me I kinda cleaned out the fridge from last night's supper-I had leftover chicken and rice and a fruit salad.For the chicken and rice yesterday,I boiled 3 skinless breasts with a good pinch of spices,salt,garlic,and the rest of a zippie bag of chopped onions I had in the fridge.I used the last of the yellow rice and "chicken flavor" rice I had in the pantry-those little singe serve minute rice thingies.after the chicken cooled I shredded it and kinda just dumped it all together and added a few ladles of the broth the chicken cooked in.It was delish!I'm going to learn to do yellow rice from scratch and do that next time.That could definately become a staple dish in the menu plan I'm still trying to put together.I chopped up a huge apple and squeezed lemon juice over it.I added a can of tropical fruit salad.Delicious.I also had one of the last slices of the infamous pie from the other day.The husband and his dad had leftover KFC from lunch today.All in all it was a good day-I didn't have to cook other than breakfast (gotta have a break sometime) and the hubby even did the dishes.He usually does them on the weekends.And this is going to be a long weekend-he's off through tuesday afternoon when he will start a new work schedule.So I am going to take full advantage of it and have him do a few things on the "honey do" list and let him do as many loads of dishes that he wants!**wicked laughter** Seriously,he's a good husband--he does help around the house--maybe not the way I would prefer it to be done,but he helps and that counts.I let the puppy and kiddo trapsey around in the backyard some this afternoon and they both headed straight for grandpa's piles of red dirt that dot the backyard.He's supposedly filling in holes or something LOL.Both the kid and puppy dug and played and ran till their little hearts and tails were content,filthy,and tired! I gave the kiddo a bath already and am going to get the pup a bath in a few mins.Gotta get hubby to help me-gotta have an extra pair of hands to hold her while I scrub her clean! She is sacked out under the computer table as I type listening to the rainstorm that's brewing outside.