Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oct 15

Taco-Tamale Pie

Chicken and yellow rice

Birdie Bread

Tonight the guys are getting taco/tamale pie.I made myself some chicken and yellow rice using the rest of the yellow minute rice I had in the pantry,a few ladlefuls of homemade chicken stock,and 1/3 of a rotisserie chicken.I used the "leftovers" from the rotisserie chicken to make the stock.

Birdie Bread-It's for the BIRDS!

A few years ago,my husband read in a bird magazine that some people supplemented their parrot's diet by making either egg biscuits or birdie bread for them.Ever since,we've made birdie bread for our Red-Lored Amazon Parrot.He loves it and even acts "deprived" if he doesn't have it.I suppose it would be OK for humans to eat too since all ingredients are all natural but I haven't tried it LOL.

1 package jiffy cornbread mix
1c mixed veggies
1 small-medium "jar" of babyfood (veggies or fruit flavor)

Prepare the cornbread mix as directed on the box but using the same amount listed for milk but use WATER--add the veggies and babyfood.Mix well.Bake until golden brown.
**sometimes I'll add in a handful of birdseed or sprinkle the seeds over the top if I'm feeling spiffy!