Saturday, February 6, 2010

preparing for a valentine homeschool party

Our homeschool group is having a valentine 'party'/get together for our kiddies this coming Monday.Our group includes kids with allergies,gluten free diets,diabetes,vegan diets,dye free and other dietary restrictions.I picked up some single serve hershey bars-still waiting on word if I need to pick up some other sort of treat for some goodie bags.Sheesh!! What a scrambled group we are LOL-not complaining,but my goodness that's alot to keep up with-especially if you aren't up to date with some nutrition information.I opted to bring the plates/cups/napkins/and silverware for the group since there was NO WAY I could come up with something edible with all those restrictions.I also got some valentine bubbles and puppy stickers to go into the goodie bags.I think I still need to hit the store again for a few things-I still haven't gotten my son or husband's valentine's surprises.I did get the cards for the hubbs-yes,2 cards because I can't ever make up my mind on just one-they are soooo cute lol.

Heading out to get my hair done in about an hour or so.Probably going to hit the craft store too since I'll be over that way.