Monday, February 15, 2010

I swear my husband is trying to sabotage me

homemade chicken stock--garlic-ground turkey-ditalinni pasta-a few split peas-

.....LOL Sunday evening he gets a sweet tooth and wants papa john's "dessert" pizzas-you have to order like $10 to get an order so he orders two cinnapies and two of the chocolate pastry delights.While waiting for it to be delivered I check out the nutrition info online-OH BOY- on both it's like over 500calories and like 19g fat.I ate a small bite of the chocolate one cause I had never had it before-it was OK but not as good as it looks.I had a small strip of the cinnapie-oh boy it's delicious-too good...Wonder if I can come up with a healthy version at home?Gotta think on that one.They have an apple pie one and it's just as good as the cinnapie.MMM so good it's bad for ya.

I'm getting sick.It's usually around this time of year that I do too.I don't know if it's coming down off all the stresses of the holidays or what but every year around this time I'm usually sick.My son was sick over the weekend with a sore throat and slight fever.I HOPE the fever is gone.He is still complaining of a sore throat but he has sinus problems like I do so I'm hoping that's all it is.Mine feels like the beginnings of a sinus infection.If it gets much worse,I'll be into the drs office.I have a pedicure appointment friday morning-sure hope I'm better and don't have to misss that.

I made "hamburger steaks" with mashed potatoes and gravy for the guys for supper tonight.Hoping for a magical cure from homemade soup I put together a turkey-ditalinni-barley soup--made with homemade chicken stock I had stashed away in the freezer.I added a little garlic and more pepper-and it was awesome!I noticed that my stock stash is down to one container so I have to make more soon!