Sunday, February 28, 2010

crazy busy -tiring weekend

This weekend has been a doozy! Saturday,it seemed my kid was just being disagreeable to be disagreeable-no matter what we asked him to do or said to him it ended up in whining and disagreeability on his part.It got to a point where I said "OK-NAP TIME"-finally got him to settle down and I lay down in hopes of a short nap myself and all of a sudden I hear a primal scream.He poked himself in the eye with his finger.OK once I get him calmed down from the initial shock of it,he's telling us that he can't see and that it hurts really badly.I don't really think anything of it and get him to settle back down telling him it'll be better after he rests some.After he goes to sleep,I slip out to the grocery store to pick up a few things.I get a text from the hubby saying that he's up and still crying about his eye so I finish up at the store and go back home.I call the "after hours/emergency line" for our pediatrician since our town doesn't have a walk-in clinic or dr office open on the weekends.She tells us that since it's been so long and he's still complaining with it that we need to get it looked at.So it's off to the e/r we go.We're there about 2 hours.He was surprisingly good-sitting still and watching the tv in the waiting room out of one eye LOL.We finally get seen by the dr and he does have a scratch on his eye.So they put antibiotic cream in his eye and put a patch on his eye to be worn overnight.My kid is really sensitive about stuff that touches him-meaning he doesn't like "itchy/scratchy" material and he's just really picky,so I thought we were in for a fight to get him to keep the patch on,but he did really well.We came home and gave him some tylenol and he settled down and went to sleep.He woke up every now and then,but for the most part he slept the whole night.We took the patch off about 5am and he went back to sleep and slept until 8 I think.Mommy needed the extra sleep too.I got a whole bowl of cereal and a cup of chocolate milk down him for breakfast.He hadn't eaten anything since that previous afternoon,so I'm sure he was starving.He is starting to run around by himself with both eyes open so he is on the mend thank goodness.What a rough saturday!